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6 Facts about Hinduism you might not be aware of...

Gaurav Metha 06 Jan 2019, 1 mins read
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Hinduism is the third largest religion in the world. Although it is mostly confined to Indian subcontinent it has survived years of foreign invasions. Now onto the facts-

1.Blasphemy? What is that?

This is what makes Hinduism most tolerant or at least one of the most tolerant religions. This has to do with the fact that Hinduism believes that there can be several ways to find the truth and attain Moksha(salvation). Importantly, the English word Blasphemy as has no Sanskrit translation.

2.One of the oldest-

The written scriptures have been dated to around 3000 BC making Hinduism one of the oldest religion in the world.

3. There is no physical GOD

DOn’t get me wrong. Hinduism believes that God resides heart in every Human Being and hence is a shapeless, formless, timeless supreme entity.

4.Buddhism, Jainism, Sikhism -

Three major religions with millions of followers in India and across the globe have their roots in Hinduism. They have many rituals and cultural aspects that are very similar to Hinduism.

5. Earn as much wealth as you want-

Earning wealth is not supposedly a sin in Hinduism. The goddess Lakshmi herself is a testament to that fact.

6.108 -

This number is considered to be auspicious and hence garlands are made of 108 beads. It is supposedly distances of the sun and moon measured from earth.