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Folding screens on phones is the new reality (Samsung)

Alice Brooke 04 Jan 2019, 2 mins read
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We could have recently gotten our first real look at the Samsung Galaxy X - or Samsung Galaxy F or Samsung Galaxy Flex as it might be called - at the Samsung Developer Conference.

Samsung revealed something huge: its first foldable screen, which opens clamshell-style and flattens out for a tablet-sized display. The Infinity Flex Display, as the tech is called, is an entirely new direction for Samsung smartphones that required the development of new materials and processes to make it functional.

What's less clear is whether we saw the Infinity Flex Display mounted on the Galaxy X itself, or whether that was simply a placeholder phone to show off the screen. Samsung literally revealed it from the shadows to hide the design.

Not much else was confirmed in terms of specs or the phone’s design. However, as expected, Samsung unveiled details about the device’s UI.

The layout of the UI will automatically change depending on whether the device is folded or unfolded. There will also be continuity between the two displays; if you are using an app on the front screen then open the phone, the app will automatically open on the larger inner display. This was something Google also confirmed at its developer conference on the same day. Google said Android will soon support foldable devices and released an animation of how it could work.

Additionally, Samsung introduced multi-active window, a multitasking system that will allow you to run up to three apps at once on the larger display.

While Samsung has been the biggest talking point in regard to foldable phones, it’s not the only company that has shown interest in this kind of device. We have seen phones released with twin displays that fold into each other, connected by a hinge, from companies like Sony and from ZTE with the Axon M. The FlexPai also beat Samsung to the punch as the world’s first foldable smartphone.

Huawei has also revealed it is working on a foldable phone of its own. Recent speculation indicates the company is working with LG Design on the flexible display for it, with an inward form factor, and that it was hoping to launch it by November, possibly beating Samsung to the punch.