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GSE Red Launches upto INR 10000 Referral Program for Developers and Business Executor

GSE Red 29 Mar 2019, 3 mins read
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Pune and Bengaluru, India—Today, GSE Red, the Social Welfarization Company, announces INR 10000 incentive program to reward individuals who successfully refer developers and executors to the GSE Red team. GSE Red, which has been established to be the backbone of social change makers, is rapidly expanding its team and expects to add significant development, design and engineering resources, marketers, executors, and leaders within the next six months.

Of the announcement, GSE Red’s Executive Partner, Shivika Agrawal, stated: “At GSE Red, we’re developing an ecosystem of Social Change Makers, so they can scale up their impact rapidly and build a next-generation Socio-Techno-Business company. Hence, it’s imperative that the software engineers and executor we add to the team are incredibly smart, innovative, agile, and passionate about the work we are doing. We believe that you’re defined by the company you keep, so the INR 10,000 referral bonus is our way of thanking people worldwide for bringing us the best and brightest developers in the industry to join GSE Red.”

The INR 10000 fee will be paid to the referring individual after a candidate is hired by GSE Red, and works successfully for 3 months. It applies only to software engineers and executors working on the GSE Red team. Plus the best part of the change is that it is transforming the world in a better manner.

Shah Rohit, Executive Partner of Social Impact at GSE Red, added, “Pune has been a Karma-bhumi of many Social Change Makers throughout the history, and Bangalore is among the fastest-growing innovation and technological hubs in the world. Alongside, we have a team who help social organizations and companies to expand their horizon and find innovative solutions to challenges on a daily basis.  We have successfully executed many cutting edge stuff that people think are impossible, so people joining our core team have the opportunity to make an impact in our team, our company, and the world around each day they come to work.”

People interested in referring their friends or colleagues can do so by submitting their information at or you can simply message us at our facebook page i.e. GSE Red. Referral bonuses are not relegated to GSE Red employees; anyone can participate.

Individuals cannot refer themselves, and the INR 10,000 bonus applies only to full time hires on the GSE Red product development and execution team.

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FAQ : 

Referral Fee :

1. For Intern: INR 300

2. For Marketing / Technical Assistant: INR 2,500

3. For Marketing / Technical Associate: INR 5,000

4. Senior Software Engineer / Marketing Officer: INR 7,500

5. Technical Officer / Marketing Officer: INR 10,000

Internship Program :

Our interns have a record to increase the pay-scale by 30% of their expectation as well as have got admission in Harvard, IIM Ahmedabad, Bangalore and Calcutta, Carnegie Mellon and have also joined companies like Google,  Goldman Sachs, etc.

Join GSE Red, show the qualities like gratitude, caring nature, street smartness, technical expertise, discipline. We have seen that our company team-mate generally designs the internship by aligning the Intern’s future vision with company vision.

Culture: Join Volunteer Program, Get to know the culture.

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