GSE Red 29 Mar 2019, 2 mins read
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The world is very different! 
We can buy medicine, perfume, soap, cars, mobile but Not a good environment, traffic-less roads, world-class education & stress-free life. This is because there was an Industrial revolution but not the Social Welfare Revolution; to solve the social problems.


Just an example : 

Steve Jobs invented Apple and we know Apple as a brand, present all across the world.  In the same era, Muhammad Yunus introduced Poverty-free method “Grameen Bank”. However, even after three decades, it has hardly spread across the world. 

Have we ever thought why is this so?
What has Apple included in its ecosystem which Social enterprises haven't:

1. Hiring the best people and giving them proper "Money".

2. Mass marketing through Media (TV-News-Social Media)

3. Mass Reach through Logistics (truck-car-flight)

4. Initial Capital through financial instruments (bank-bonds-equity)

5. Mass Manufacturing through technologies

Do you know? All these have happened in the 19th century. Every stepping-stone of the ecosystem has only helped to expand the horizon for mass distribution of basic needs. 

So, Now the question arises: How can we do a similar thing in Social Welfare Industry? Can we build a stepping stone step by step and create an ecosystem? 
GSE Red has taken the challenge and build the vision of “Social Welfare Revolution”. We started by developing technologies that can give Recurring Funds, Mass Marketing and Transparency. You can know in details at technology @GSERed.
We hope that we can combine all the assets of India such as safety of Pune, advanced-tech of Bangalore, education of Kerala to every city of India. To become Backbone of Every NGO, Philanthropy and Social Worker & Make India more prosperous forever.    
Understand the Technology involved and the Culture of Work at GSE Red.