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The Korean Wave and K-pop and its impact on the world in 2018

Aniket Kulkarni 08 Jan 2019, 3 mins read
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Kpop-many in India might have heard this one at least once…. We don’t know much about what happens in that part of the world but it is imperative now that it has taken the world by storm in 2018.

Today many K-Pop groups are being mentioned in western news tabloids and are gaining popularity around the world, it seems like more and more people are getting into Korean music! This is a major increase from when the ‘Idol Wave’ first began in 1996…

Early K-Pop

K-Pop started out with groups like Seo Taiji and Boys, H.O.T, Diva, and Shinhwa, then after gaining popularity around Asia (in places such as Japan, China, Taiwan, India, and Thailand) in the early 2000s, the K-Pop virus began spreading over North and Latin America.

Before 2010, Europe fell victim to its clutches, followed by the Middle East, Africa and Oceania (Australia and New Zealand).

Modern K-Pop

EXO(a group) performance at Winter Olympics 2018

Two years ago it was estimated that there were close to 35 million fans of Korean culture around the world* and today more and more people see that K-Pop isn’t merely catchy songs with pretty, strangely dressed singers.

They see it as a tough, intense, industry that prides itself on both producing high-quality music and visually stunning videos, as well training extremely talented and hard working artists (who often have to struggle a lot before they get to see success).

Over the past decade, groups and artists such as BIGBANG, 2NE1, SHINee, Crayon Pop, Wonder Girls, BTOB, Girls Generation, Sistar, Rain, Jay Park, HYUNA and PSY have been showcased in Western interviewing shows, music charts, award stages, TV/reality shows, and films – all of which has given other, younger artists a chance to make their mark internationally – which, overall, has increased the popularity of ‘Hallyu’ around the world.

The year 2018!!

This year has been a real wakeup call for anyone who hasn’t listened to Korean music. A big step for K-Pop occurred back in May when BTS won the award for ‘Best Social Artist’ at the BBMA’s – even against popular artists such as Ariana Grande and Justin Bieber they still won by a landslide!

BTS the most famous K-pop group of 2018!

In November BTS was also invited to perform at this year's AMA’s (hosted in America) and appeared on a handful of popular interviewing shows such as Ellen and The Late Late Show with James Corden. But it’s not only BTS that has been making an impact internationally in recent months, but artists like CL, G-Dragon, GOT7, TWICE, BlackPink, and SHINee have also been causing people from all over the world to turn their heads towards the Korean Music industry.

The impact of K-pop though muted has a presence in India. Hopefully, we will be able to make a new common with this genre of music as we have with the western ones.