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Want to do a Bird Box challenge. Netflix says NO!

Alice Brooke 05 Jan 2019, 2 mins read
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Netflix, where we normally watch our favorite shows has been in a controversy because of its new movie, Bird Box. People have been absolutely obsessed with one of the latest thriller films to hit Netflix. People are actually imitating the movie in real life and Netflix has sent out a warning regarding this. The "Bird Box Challenge" is now a real thing and Netflix has even issued a warning telling people not to try it at home.

There have been trolls and memes about the movie as well. Can’t say if it was the motive

Bird Box is a post-apocalyptic movie where a family has to go on a dangerous journey completely blindfolded to avoid getting killed by a dangerous monster that captures you through eyesight. Tons of memes have been made about the movie, and now people are taking it to the next level and actually blindfolding themselves in real life to act of the plot at home. Nothing I want to try.

The "Bird Box Challenge" consists of people living their everyday lives blindfolded as if they were in the movie. Whether it's completing tasks or even just walking down the street or in their house, people are now documenting their experiences blindfolded. If you actually see the videos the only thing the challenge is capable of doing to get doctors their bonuses.

Netflix is now begging people not to do the Bird Box Challenge. The streaming service posted the announcement on Twitter and told viewers that they did not want them to "end up in the hospital due to memes".

Here look at a video,


One dad even blindfolded his two kids to imitate Sandra Bullock's character in the movie, as she protects her two children. In this "Bird Box Challenge" the man's baby ends up walking right into a wall and it looks extremely awful.

Some people have even gone a full 24 hours blindfolded in an attempt to live a full day in the life of "Bird Box". Check out their experience, which was documented and put onto Youtube. (Check out this link)

In the above video, a group was walking together around the streets of New York City blindfolded. One man starts running and ends up falling down many stairs of a subway entrance, and it looks horrifyingly painful.

Professionals can show you how to complete basic tasks having a blindfold. But for a normal person with no hint of doubt, it is impossible. This was needless to say. But By watching these videos it does seem living without vision has a lot more involved than just a challenge and it is not something you learn in 24 hours.